Prevention is any day better than cure

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Prevention is any day better than cure

Post  jukido on Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:35 am

Prevention is any day better than cure, states a well-known adage. Even IT administrators would agree to this, as they very well know the hazards of a security slip. If you are an IT manager and your website is hosted on a Linux platform, these 10 tips and tricks as cited on, can help you secure your website from security threats and attacks. The post suggests a range of simple tips such as keeping permissions locked, changing passwords regularly, etc to more sophisticated tips, such as "using a file integrity checker available for the Linux OS, such as AIDE (advanced intrusion detection environment), usage of the Unix/Linux command SCP or SFTP instead of FTP". The post is exhaustive as well as detailed and is worth a read, especially for IT managers.

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