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Los Angeles, CA.
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Gaming chronicles: Sonic series 91'-02',Street Fighter II ultra, Super Mario Bros.1 2 & 3, Donkey Kong Country, Pokémon:RedBlueYellowGold&Silver Also-Pokémon Puzzle League 96'-02',Mario Tennis ,Super Mario 64,Mario Kart & Party,Yoshi Story 98',SSB 99',N64Goldeneye007 96',N64TheWorldIsNotEnough007 00',StarFox64 97',Fur Fighters 00'or 01',SSBB Veteran 08',COD Veteran 08'-12', GTA 3 02', GTA:Vice City 03', GTA:San Andreas 04', GTA IV 07' & GTA V 13' PS3(Currently), Xbox sucks (Breaks down 2x...), Wii U for SSB4: Don't count on it.. -PSN:FelixTheCat1919 -My Playstation 3 user account if you want to add me as a friend... Eventually, I will shut down gaming for tennis, work, family, and faith (Catholic).
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Epic cat with a sword.. lol Righty~O!/Coolio! 2016-1919= 97 years & 3 to go.. Older than Mickey Mouse by 9 year difference. (Hint: Cats have 9 lives..) Sad thing is, cartoons tend to fade away.. what a shame. All I ask is you give it all your best of what you do and stay strong by faith. Farewell.
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